Peter Grabarchuk Puzzle Designer
Sites Updates - 11/2007 November 26, 2007      
The Origami Strip Digits
The Origami Strip Alphabet
Four Queens and Two Bishops
  November 18, 2007      
Coupled Hearts 2
The Christmas Slide
Christmas Tree & Checkerboard
The Correct Order Puzzle
Rotation Movin' Party
12th WPC Photo Report
  November 12, 2007      
Tetramino Contours
The Card Suits Suite
Checkered Halloween
Mr. Pumpkin's Puzzle
PocketPLAY Collection of 12
The Best Puzzles on the Web in 2004
Puzzles Express (36 puzzles)
Match Fever
Contents Development
Puzzle Contribution
  November 8, 2007      
Rotation Movin' Party
Puzzles Express (36 puzzles)
Holiday Switcheroo
Rush Hour® Animation
River Crossing™ Animated Solution
Puzzles.COM Web Site, owned by ThinkFun
  November 7, 2007      
Tetramino Checkers
Coast to Coast™ Animated Solution
Peter Puzzle
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